The club has many projects that we work on throughout the year. Thursdays are our main workdays although we may have special workdays as needed throughout the year.



Site of Lumber Camp Return Bridge

For 2019-2020, we are continuing work as part of our railroad expansion project focusing on the Lumber Camp area which will include a new steel Lumber Camp Return Bridge and Redwood trestle. Below is a schematic for the bridge and a map showing where the work is taking place. You can click on the thumbnails for more detail. 

Track route upgrade

In 2019 we are also working on track improvements at the end of the North Yard allowing access to the Mountain Route from the car barns and loading areas without first going around the lake.

Small Building Refurbishment

We continually refurbish our small buildings and towns along the right-of-way. This is done in our workshop or, at members’ homes.

Railroad Tie replacement

We have a long term project to upgrade all track panel ties from wood to plastic. All newly installed track panels use longer lasting plastic ties. As we perform track maintenance we upgrade existing panels to use new ties. We also upgrade active weathered sections of track periodically as time and manpower allows.

Schmidt Car Barn and North yard

In 2018 we took a 30’ car barn, donated by club member Ron Schmidt, cut it in half and added 20’ feet to the center between the two original sections. It was installed in our new North Yard that will be completed in the first quarter of 2019. This Schmidt Car Barn contains 150’ of track for car storage and augments our existing car barn and two engine houses.